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Architectural Specifications


1.1 Scope
Specify wood/plastic composite exterior trim with acrylic cap as shown in drawings or as specified herein to meet project requirements.

1.2 Qualifications
Exterior Trim shall be Royal Wood brand as manufactured by Royal Wood of Phoenix, Arizona.

1.3 Storage of Materials
Exterior Trim shall be stored off the ground, and on a pallet or over stringers spaced no more than 30'' apart (18" from ends) and should be covered.

1.4 Warranty
The Royal Wood warranty is a Limited Lifetime Guarantee against rotting, delamination, warping, splitting, checking, moisture absorption, or insect infestation for the original owner. The pre-finished surface is warranted against significant color change for 15 years. Remedies, notification, exceptions and limitations are covered in the full warranty text. Improper installation, storage or handling as well as deliberate abuse or alteration will void the warranty.


2.1 Composite Trimboards
Trimboards shall be Royal Wood brand and have a foamed interior core of thermoplastic resins and wood fiber with an outer cap of ASA acrylic polymers. The nominal thickness shall be (5/8", 4/4", 5/4") and the nominal width shall be (4", 6", 8", 10", 12").

2.2 Composite Moldings
Moldings shall be Royal Wood and have a foamed interior core of thermoplastic resins and wood fiber with an outer cap of ASA acrylic polymers. The profile shall be (1" x 1" Inside Corner Post, 1" x 3 " x 3 " Outside Corner Post, 1 " x 2" Brickmold, 1 3/8" diameter Round Molding or 1 38" x 1 3/8" Square Molding).

2.3 Composite Tongue & Groove Panels
Tongue and Groove Panels shall be Royal Wood and have a foamed interior core of thermoplastic resins and wood fiber with an outer cap of ASA acrylic polymers. The actual thickness shall be 5/8" and the actual exposed face width shall be (2 15/16" or 5 1/16"). The face exposed to the weather shall be (V-Groove pattern or Beaded pattern).


3.1 Fasteners
Royal Wood Exterior Trim must be mechanically fastened with corrosion resistant nails or screws that are of sufficient length to penetrate the 2x framing at least 1 " (nails) or 1" (screws). See appropriate installation instructions for minimum nail shank diameter which varies by product and product size. Screws shall be a minimum of #6 size.

3.2 Adhesives
Adhesives may be used to supplement the number of mechanical fasteners. Application shall be with adhesives containing MEK that are exterior grade and moisture proof. Adhesive does not replace mechanical fastening.

3.3 Finishes
When field finishing Royal Wood Trimboards, use acrylic latex paints. When primer is used, use fast drying acrylic latex primer/sealers such as Zinsser or equivalent. Do not use stains (solid or semi-transparent), oil/alkyd paints and primers, vinyl based paints or shake and shingle paints.

3.4 Caulking
Utilize a good quality acrylic latex caulk to fill countersunk fasteners, damaged areas, etc. At butt joints or where Trim butts to other building components, see 3.5.1.D & E.

3.5 Installation
       3.5.1 General
A. Trim shall be fastened directly to 2X framing members. Framing members will be spaced no more than 24" o.c.
B. Fasten trimboards from one end to the other, or from the middle out. Never fasten from both ends to the middle.
C. Place fasteners no closer to edges and ends than 5/16"
D. When butting Trim to itself or other materials, leave gaps per 3.5.1 and caulk with OSI Quad Sealant. All joints must fall over 2X framing and be nailed on both sides of the joint.
E. When applying trim below 45 F. leave " gap at butt joints for expansion. When applying above 45 F, leave 1/8" gap. Caulk gaps with OSI Quad Sealant.
F. Follow the detailed installation instructions available from Royal Wood
       3.5.2 Trimboards
A. Framing members shall be spaced no more than 24" o.c.
B. B. Space fasteners no more than 24" o.c.
C. See application instructions for the number and size of fasteners at each nailing location.
       3.5.3 Tongue and Groove Panels
A. Framing members or nailing supports should be spaced no more than 16" o.c.
B. B. Nailing shall be (concealed or face nailing).
C. Do not use exposed, random butt joints. In overhead applications, install panels perpendicular to the building or if application is parallel to the building, align the joints and cover the joint with a batten.
       3.5.4 Exterior Moldings
A. Framing members shall be spaced no more than 24" o.c.
B. On outside Corners, space fasteners no greater than 24" o.c. down each face, on Inside Corners an Brickmold, space fasteners no greater than 16" o.c. down one face, on 1 3/8" Square Moldings, space fasteners no greater than 24" o.c. down one face.
3.6 Field Finishing
A. Surface must be dry and free of dirt, dust, mildew, oil or other contaminants.
B. Fill damaged areas, overdrive fasteners, etc. with caulk or exterior filler.
C. For best results either scuff sand the surface with 150-200 grit sandpaper, or apply a primer, or both. If these steps are skipped, expect paint adhesion to develop more slowly than normal.
D. See 3.3 for finish specifications
E. Follow the paint manufacturer's directions, especially regarding spread rates, application procedures and weather-related requirements.


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